Entering into Silence

As much as we would all sometimes like to run away from the real world and sit on a mountaintop for a few days, that isn't always possible.  Here are some tips for entering into silence and making prayer, reflection, and meditation part of your everyday routine.

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Lenten Reflections

Lent is a perfect time to begin setting aside time for a prayerful, silent space in your life.  If you haven't spent time in meditation or contemplative prayer, you might wonder what that would look like.  In short, we try to calm our talkative minds and give God the space to speak to our hearts.  If that sounds appealing to you, maybe try praying with us this Lent.

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Books and Online Courses

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Our Mission

Growing up I was taught two kinds of prayer, and both of these were very good.  One was the kind of routine communal prayer that I said at church, and another was a kind of impromptu conversational prayer that I would say at bedtime.  The first was good because I always had a go-to when I had no words of my own, and the second meant that I knew God was loving and accessible enough that I could talk to Him anytime, in my own words like a Son.  The downside of this was that I was always the one talking.  It was not until many years later in the midst of my formation for the priesthood that I learned that there was another way-a way of silence and listening.  A way of conversation that changed my prayer life forever.  It is such contemplative prayer that is the basis for this site.

The meditations here will be based on the Christian tradition, but they will work for anyone who longs to know God no matter his/her background.

I am well aware that many of my readers are life-long Christians while others are dipping their toes back in the water for the first time in years. Some are also here seemingly by chance because they are seekers of meaning in a world where it is no longer allowed.   I will say this:  I trust in the Spirit that led you here, and I believe that if you are seeking a relationship with the Truth you will find it here as we make space to hear Him speak.


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